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I’ve never done anything to her.” And the truth is, not all exes who act out are high-conflict.Some just have a hard time adjusting to a new reality that includes a stepmom.Molti server IRC non richiedono all'utente di autenticarsi, ma va comunque specificato un nickname (univoco a livello della rete IRC).IRC è un protocollo plaintext, questo significa che è possibile (anche se con qualche inconveniente) usarlo tramite una connessione socket di tipo raw.Countless stepmoms can’t understand why their partner’s ex refuses to acknowledge them or treat them with basic human decency.They continually ask “Why does my husband’s ex-wife hate me?

Jarkko Oikarinen trovò l'ispirazione dalla Bitnet Relay Chat che operava sulla rete Bitnet.

Same could be said for your intelligence, physical appearance, age, housekeeping skills, creativity, fashion sense, how much her kids enjoy being around you and your happy marriage. She perceives you as doing all the parenting while dad is “let off the hook.” Stepmoms often help their husbands out with household duties and life in general. You shuttle the kids back and forth to school or help with homework, you schedule appointments, etc…

Often this has to do with gender roles, but all mom sees is that at her house she’s doing all the work while at yours you’re taking care of the kids and dad “” 8.

In turn, he requests more parenting time and/or parental input. When mom sends her kids off to be with their dad, and this woman she doesn’t even know will have full access to them, she can feel like she’s being a bad parent.

You’d think this would be a good thing, but this change in dynamic can be threatening and/or scary for mom. It’s easy for her to pinpoint presence as being responsible for this. She doesn’t automatically trust you just because dad does. She sees her ex-husband being a different man with you.

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Gli "Operatori del canale" possono impostare diverse opzioni su quel determinato canale, vedi b: IRC/Modi canale.