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Steenburgen had personally known Clinton since he was governor of Arkansas when she resided in Little Rock.

The President celebrated his 51st birthday at the Martha's Vineyard home of the couple.

When a meteor strike gives a man power will he be a hero or a villian?

He finds he can give women the romance they think they need and mold their minds as he pleases.

Now I’m not giving up on Cien…I’m trying out other products…but I’ll give this a MISSSSSSSS.

Naturally, this gets him into far more trouble than he expected multiple times.

High finance power broker Brad Larsen lends his slave, movie idol Derek Madison, to socialite heiress Allison Mac Kensie who turns him into a lesbian, until his master says the magic words to free him from her spell.

A devious bimbo cheerleader uses her army of silly cheerleaders to break the wills and minds of three young goth girls until their whole beings are warped into the perfect image of a silly bimbo cheerleader.

Just when Melissa is getting used to her first job after college, she’s suddenly transfered to a new department.

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