Paperport hangs updating items

Posted by / 06-Aug-2017 10:43

Still unable to get the questions answered, whether it will support Windows 10.

For all practical purposes there is minimal to no support.

Since last night I have two BSODs (stop code: reference by pointer), sometimes touchpad buttons don’t work, start menu does not show all some programs(dell audio in my case, drivers, and software for it are installed), Cortana is buggy as hell.

Windows seem to forget how to manage memory because after installing the update the computer froze after rebooting the computer and monitoring the processes I saw memory was full ran a diagnostic reported the sticks were fine.

I made sure every shortcut and underlying app is configured to be run as Admin, more-so, I played around with the Services authorization (using local admin vs System, etc), all to no avail.

I have updated my Windows 10 to the latest version.

However, after the installation all my programs went missing from the Start Menu with the exceptions of the “stock” apps and those apps I installed from the MS store.

I always see a cursor before the application is launched and can actually move it for first 1-2 seconds and then it stops responding. With CU, I seem to have to pick a child folder and only pics from that folder are displayed – they do change through that folder.

When I downloaded the creators update the hub in edge no longer works.

All the negative reviews create and confirm many more doubts.

Plus some of the positive reviews, seem like they may have been or compensated reviews.

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Neat last month quietly announced that they were discontinuing their desktop apps, and focusing solely on their cloud product.

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