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An employee may start to distrust the company more and fear losing his job because of hard financial times.

Downturns in the economy actually might be an opportunity for managers to build employee loyalty to the company. Miles and Nathan Bennett, in a "Bloomberg Business Week" article, state that "employers find themselves more frequently asking employees to trust the company—assuring employees that better days are ahead and their efforts today will not be forgotten tomorrow." If an employer disregards the concerns of employees, that could lead to a number of important and sometimes expensive problems.

Thankfully we've evolved from the days when most office romances were between secretaries and bosses which was not exactly politically correct.

It doesn't lend us much time to meet other people and build other communities.

This arrangement is sometimes a source of conflict between employee and manager, because the employee is afraid of losing his job.

Recessionary times can negatively affect the relationship between employee and employer.

The worker may feel pressured to keep his job while harboring unfavorable opinions about his boss, while the boss wonders if the employee is working to the best of his ability.

Here are the signs you have crossed over the "fling" threshold: If your relationship has advanced to "the real deal," it's time to disclose it to a supervisor or management above *both* of your positions.

At a time when celebrity marriages are crumbling at a speed that makes us question our core assumptions that star love is the greatest kind of love, we can always make ourselves feel better by looking at the union of Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally. I was starting to get work, but it wasn’t remotely satisfying.

They've been very together for the last thirteen years, working and spending time together, sharing one e-mail address, and exuding a palpable sense that they really enjoy each other's company and silliness. She turned up back in Mexico — I think she is a really successful Mexican actress now — but I already had everything in motion, so I came here by myself." (The Believer) Nick: "It was sort of the end of the rocky period ... It was garbage compared to the theater I was doing.

Welcome to Marie's brand-new job advice column courtesy of career coach Liz Bentley—check back often for her whip-smart real-world wisdom. Send them to [email protected] get them answered right here. Not to mention the old "she slept her way to the top" theory that didn't help women if they started to like a co-worker.

Dear Liz: A co-worker and I have just started dating. Today, the line between work life and personal life which was once black and white has now become many shades of gray.

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With that said, this is definitely not a *green light* for people to start dating on a whim.

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