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This is not accurate, but most don’t know the regulation that outlines how to determine if someone qualifies for O1E pay. Even if you have already been told that you don’t qualify.

To determine of you qualify for O1E pay the only thing you need to is to go to the Army HRC website: 1. Most finance personnel will tell you that only the active duty column counts.

Inactive duty refers to days at Drill, Annual Training, and training classes that you received orders for and probably did not receive a DD214.

You won’t receive a DD214 for “Inactive Duty”, but the time is recorded on your Statement of retirement Points, formerly called the DD 249E and the DD 5016.

After showing him the regulation he was able to get 9 years of O1-3E back pay.This is wrong and here is the Defense Finance Regulation that says that inactive duty time counts also.(Do D 7000.14-R Volume 7A) See page 1-11, paragraph A.” Most finance personnel don’t actually know the regulation on O1E pay.They may also try to say that time on active duty must have been paid with “reserve appropriated funds”, that is false, and is specifically stated in the reg.Here is an example of a Retirement Points Statement, 14 years in the Reserves.

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However, the time that does count towards O1E pay while serving in the Reserves is called “inactive duty” and “active duty for training”. The main category to pay attention to is the “Inactive Duty” category.