Dating a manic depressive person kingsdating com

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Dating a manic depressive person

I am not by nature someone who falls in love with looks but for that one I would walk a million miles for one of his smiles. They may not suck your blood but they take something much more fundamental: your love and your trust. ’ I don’t know why so many English folk are so squeamish about sex. I am always a bit beady about Christmas being a single Pringle. I never wanted children so I find it odd that I am supposed to love children of others simply because there is a faint blood tie.

I have bedded with many a ruthless killer and I can’t say I regretted a single moment. As my Auntie Lynda used to say, ‘sex with two people is a very special thing. It is up there with Prosecco, a massage and dressed crab as one of the great pleasures in life. Granted, some people are too inhibited to let the dogs out but I am not one of them. You have to buy every member of the family an individual gift and all you get in return is solitaire. I don’t as a rule like children unless they are pretty and funny.

To quote when Ayesha goes back into the blue flame one time too often.

Sometimes I feel like the Duracell bunny banging that damned drum despite a sky-full of crap falling into my lap on a regular basis.As long as you’re not hurting anybody else or yourself then what’s the problem? Perhaps I will put pen to paper in the New Year and write a realistic book about a manic depressive life.Interesting to read in the newspapers that loneliness is as bad for the human psyche as fifteen cigarettes are to the lungs. Besides, when you live in London you’re breathing so much polluted air you might as well smoke two packets of Capston Full Strength. The few I have read all seem to have rather redemptive happy endings whereas I just keep buggering on.All that forced jollity is rather a busman’s holiday when you’re a party boy in London who is old enough to know better but perseveres nevertheless. Do you think that would be possible without major, major discipline?I take the Judy Garland defence when questioned about h0w many I lift of an evening. And with major discipline comes a need to kick-off your slingback and pour a gin. I am flabbergasted when people pass judgement on my fondness for fizzy pop.

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It is not for cissies and there have been times I would have preferred ‘goodbye cruel world’ than keep living with it.

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