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Professional Matchmaking is a personalised and bespoke introduction service in East London, dating in Bloemfontein and dating in Mpumalanga..It takes the randomness out of everything – rather than relying on friends’ introductions or chance encounters, it introduces some science into the process.Perhaps it’s no wonder that match-making services are behind an increasing number of new relationships.Mind you, I’m sure no one could foresee one disaster story: an investment banker’s wife divorcing him because he was “only” earning £500,000 a year.

“A common problem for corporate women,” she says, “is that they often take their business persona on a date, so they appear to be overly competitive or dominant, even when their true personalities are fun.” “And the men?

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But he failed – he was unrealistic about age and looks, and his dancing was more wobble than wiggle.

He probably had an air of desperation and a distance from reality.

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I happened to meet Megan playing tennis (honest) and her warmth and openness were immediately apparent.