Are mark wright and chelsea dating

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I know I have met The One.” He continued: “Even when I was a child, I dreamt of finding serious love one day. I've got to keep looking up at the stars and thanking God for it.” Keegan, 27, added: "We have both got our fairytale." The pair revealed they work so well together because they are the perfect match.

Former Coronation Street actress Keegan said: "He's like the reflection of me, the male version of me." She continued: "Everyone says how well-matched we are. It's been like that from early on." Wright added: "Everything I do she likes to do.

All my friends say they've never seen me like this before.

Criminally underused due to his delicacy about indulging in on-screen relationships, never-the-less, a scene without Mark is like a scene without sunshine, and all the more tawdry for it. And yet Spencer Matthews, professional buffoon, nearly didn't go on the show because Mark's in it. Spencer says that he was so startled by Mark's cut-glass accent he was put off appearing himself, and said: "Our first ever scene, four and a bit years ago now, he walked past all mic'd up and I was like 'woah!

C — clasped his hands to his face as he was defeated by the fairer sex.

Mark Wright and ex Lauren Goodger "lease leave me out of your public conversations, stop embarrassing yourself. The star got a tongue-in-cheek reply from the company filled with puns including reference to her company and split from Mark.

But it didn’t impress Mark to see her bragging about the response.

Speaking about his love for Keegan, Wright, 28 told Hello!

: "I am really excited for that security, to know you have this person forever in your life.

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Michelle Keegan has slated her husband Mark Wright for cheating on his girlfriend before they got together. magazine, Michelle has a go at Mark for cheating on his girlfriend at the time Lauren Goodger.

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