American girls dating indians vonn woods dating

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American girls dating indians

Remember how, back in school, guys had lunch with only guys, and girls with girls?Remember how guys would prefer being only around guys?Go to any Indian gym and you’d find dozens of men ogling at that one girl stretching on the side, quietly, trying everything she can to avoid all that attention.They’d stare at her, make her uncomfortable for days, but never have the courage to go and talk to her.I assume (and hope) you carry that sensibility on your own while reading this piece.

Even when they do decide to approach a girl, they do it disrespectfully, thanks to never having interacted with women properly.

They were all sent to co-ed schools, made to sit next to girls, and yet, most of them never had any female friends while growing up.

Some hadn’t even had any real conversations with girls all those years they were in school.

But that same girl would be flattered if a foreigner offers to buy her a drink in the streets of London, or say, Paris?

Sorry to bruise your egos, but what we’re going to talk about now may not feel very good at first, it might hurt even, but it’s important to talk about.

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That explains why some Indian men think it is perfectly okay to ogle at her even at the cost of making her uncomfortable and scared.

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