Adult account dating merchant online

Posted by / 24-Dec-2017 09:10

Adult account dating merchant online

Regardless of whether your online dating services are niche-oriented or subscription based, the perfect merchant account solution can be provided to you by High Risk Solutions. There are many acquiring banks whether domestic, international and even offshore who partner with High Risk Solutions.These banks are fully aware of exactly what high-risk merchants need.

At High Risk Solutions, your success is our success.

Persistent problems can even cause you to lose your merchant account.

At CDKPay, we help you prevent chargebacks by monitoring and preventing fraud from happening, helping you to successfully process payments through your adult merchant account.

After a relationship fizzles, sometime times the customer wants a refund.

These are called chargebacks, and you are going to need to have assurances that you won't loose too much capital.​For over 15 years, online card processing geared towards online dating services have been offered by High Risk Solutions (HRS).

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There is more to being a successful adult merchant than getting approved with good rates on the front end.